1. What is it for?

Application is intended for showing photos, images and graphics to a wide range of customers. It takes place by passing game "The Fifteen puzzle".

2. Who can take advantages of it?

It is for individual persons as well as legal entities.

3. What kind of images are more suitable?

Try to select pictures where composition with square boundary will seem good. Because of form of the board is quadratic.

4. What various devices I can choose to distribution?

  • Universal (for iPhone and iPad);
  • iPhone only;
  • iPad only;

5. Can I do some updates in the future?

Yes, you will be able to update your application with our help.

6. How often I should make updates of my application?

Updates of application up to in a range list because it changes a date of publication. Therefore, you can get more downloads of your app.

7. How do I distribute my game?

Your application will be distributed on App Store (special market of digital products from Apple). As necessary conditions, you have to have a web page of application and email for support. If you choose own distribution, then you must create it. If you distribute application by our name, afterwards you get it free.

8. How long is it?

There exists the order of steps and next level depends from previous ones. Development of your app can take 10 - 14 work days. Publication to App Store lasts 3 - 21 work days and depends from Apple. Sometimes exist histories of rejects. In this case, all mistakes are adjusting and a procedure of publication begins again.

9. How I can make my application paid?

You must publish it by your name and give Apple personal bank account to getting money.

10. Can I see a statistic of download my app?

Anytime you can see a statistic of app on App Store personal panel if you published it by own name.